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I started to act at the age of 11 when I passed an audition for the Moscow Professional Children's Theatre 'Bambi', where I performed for the following eight years.

Next to that I was going to music school, taking dancing lessons as well as trying not to get too far behind with math lessons at school!


In 2008, I attended the Russian University of Theater Arts - GITIS for five years. 


In 2012, a year before graduating, I started to work at The Stas Namin Theater of Music and Drama in Moscow.


I graduated from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts - GITIS in 2013 and continued to work at The Stas Namin Theater until the April 2014.


Since April 2014 I started to work at the only English-language theatre for children in Moscow, the Flying Banana Children's Theatre. I continued to work there until September 2014, when I packed my belongings and went to the airport to leave for Amsterdam. 


Since September 2014 I'm an official resident in The Netherlands. Althought I continued appearing in stage productions I have since then mainly focused on on-camera acting, followed multiple masterclasses and  participated in different film productions.