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Anastasia Reshetnikova is a Russian/Dutch actress based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


She speaks Russian, English and Dutch languages and has Russian & EU passports.


Selected from over 3000 applicants from 123 countries, she's recently joined the 2021 edition of Berlinale Talents, being the first ever Russian actress invited. 


Anastasia has been acting since the age of eleven and received her Bachelor's degree from The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts - GITIS: the largest and oldest independent theatrical arts school in Russia.


She has also followed an intensive program 'acting for film & TV' at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

Anastasia never stops working on her craft by attending various trainings, cources and masterclasses. 


To date, Anastasia's filmography includes over 20 projects where she played roles in English, Russian and Dutch languages.


Anastasia's latest credits include a leading role in a one-shot horror film 'Ingelijst' directed by Kiko Morah and a guest star role in the new British series.



Berlinale Talents


I am excited to share that I was selected to be one of the Berlinale Talents 2021!


"Berlinale Talents is the annual summit and networking platform of the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) for the outstanding creatives from the fields of film and drama series."


Selected from over 3000 applicants from 123 countries, I will be joining the 200 participants of this year's edition, being the first ever Russian actress invited.


Congratulations to all the talents and projects selected for this year’s edition and thank you to everyone at Berlinale Talents, I am very grateful for the opportunity!


My Berlinale Talents profile


Press Release Berlinale Talents 2021


Press in Russian: Интервью для MovieStart (ГИТИС (Российская Газета (





It's a wrap! 


Ingelijst is a one-shot horror film directed by Kiko Morah. 


"Three former friends take a trip down memory lane in their abandoned middle school where they get caught off guard by a deafening silence."


Language: Dutch




Ingelijst (Framed)

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